Building Automation

Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smart Gateway Hub Multi-Mode Smart Home Bridge WIFI Bluetooth APP Wireless Remote Control For Alexa Google Home

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Building Automation

TTL to IrDA Serial Infrared Transceiver module rates up to 115.2 kbit/s TFBS4711 SIR Infrared

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Building Automation

Tuya WIFI Temperature And Humidity Sensor Smart Home Indoor Intelligent Sensor Thermometer Humidity Meter Work With Alexa Google

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Building Automation

Smart Alexa Google ZigBee WiFi Water Valve Shutoff Timer Sprinkler Controller Gas Shut Off Valve Controller APP Remote Control

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Building Automation

Aqara Human Body Sensor ZigBee Movement Motion Security Wireless Connection Light Intensity Gateway 2 Mi home Work With HomeKit

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Building Automation

Tuya ZIGBEE WIFI Garden Watering Timer Smart Sprinkler Drip Irrigation System Built-in Water Flow Recorder Water Controller TUYA

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Security & Protection - Building Automation

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€ 66.65

3NE3340-8 for Siemens SITOR fuse link, with slotted blade contacts, NH2, In: 900 A, aR, Un AC: 690 V, front indicator

€ 4.75

€ 7.31

Tuya 16A ZigBee Smart Switch 2way Control Switch Module Smart Home Remote Control Smart Breaker Work With Tuya Alexa Google Home

€ 31.42

3RU6116-1HB0 for Siemens Thermal Overload Relay 5.5...8.0 A size S00, class 10, for motor protection

€ 53.48

€ 74.27


€ 13.42

€ 15.43

Qingping Thermometer Hygrometer Support Bluetooth High-Precision Electronic Ink Screen Indoor Home Work With Apple HomeKit Threa

€ 16.18

€ 19.98

Gledopto Zigbee 3PCS DC/AC12V Color Changing LED Spotlight 4W MR16 Pro Compatible With Tuya APP Alexa Amazon RF Remote Control

€ 22.1

€ 34.54

2X ELITECH 32000 Point USB Temperature Data Logger Recorder Internal Sensor

€ 5.64

€ 9.39

Alexa Remote Control Ir Remote Control For Tv Air Conditioner Tuya Wifi Infrared Remote Controller Smart Universal Smart Home

€ 14.74

€ 17.14

TTLOCK G2 OR G3 Wifi Gateway for Smart Door Lock Bluetooth TTlock Phone Remote Control LOCK Unlock Bluetooth to Wifi converter

€ 21.57

€ 24.23

Brand New Original Rotary Band Switch FUTURE Digital Band Switch NDS Series 01H 01J 01N 03N 03J 03H 02N 02J